Field scene in the Eastern Ghouta .. Militants towards Idlib and Assad in Ghouta Damas 24 Damascus ki

According to well-informed sources, the militants of the Corps of Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham in Arbeen, Harasta, Hazza, Zamaleka, Joubar and Ein Terma
have asked to withdraw to northern Syria to join the Turkish Furat factions and AlNusra to Idlib.

The source pointed out that an agreement may lead to the departure of these factions, if Idlib agreement is finalized in the coming hours, so the field scene in the Gauta Damascus ends with the control of the Syrian army on the entire eastern Ghouta except for Douma, and observers see that Douma is waiting for a separate settlement that ensures the release of all detainees and prisoners and abducted from Jeish al-Islam prisons.

The Syrian army announced yesterday a cease-fire for 24 hours in #Harasta, from yesterday at three o’clock in the afternoon and continued until three o’clock on Sunday afternoon to make way for civilians to follow their exit towards the points of the Syrian army in Al mawared Water Crossing.

The Syrian army took control of the towns of Saqba and kafarbatna in the eastern Ghouta today without battles after the withdrawal of the armed factions because of the rapid progress of the Syrian army in Al-Gouta.

While Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited the Syrian army forces on the front lines of the battles in the eastern Ghouta, coinciding with the return of civilians to the towns of Kafrbtna and Sqba, like other towns of Al-Gouta after their return from the armed factions take over.

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